About Us

Hi! We’re Nick and Kim Athans, owners of Athans Ice House. 

Nick has worked in the ice business for more than 40 years, beginning with his first summer job as a teenager, loading and unloading ice from a dock just like ours. We are both lifelong residents of Southern California and we’re proud of the family owned business we’ve built together.

Our customers include families, special event planners and businesses, and we are dedicated to serving every single one of them.

We take service very seriously! Our team works hard to provide our customers with premium, filtered ice products at competitive prices. We get your order right, deliver it on time and we never leave a mess behind. We treat your home, event or business with respect, as if it were our own home.

Bell Gardens ice supplier

Athans Ice House is located in a historic building on Imperial Highway in Whittier. It’s served as an ice house for more than 60 years! We are open on every major holiday. If you are heading out of town on a fishing or camping trip, throwing a house party or need emergency ice service, please come visit us for immediate service.