Ice Products

Ice Products

Athans Ice House sells premium, filtered ice that is crystal clear, with no taste. Our ice products are available to business and the public for pickup or delivery. We provide cubed and crushed bagged ice and bulk ice for special events like private parties, corporate events, carnivals, community celebrations, open air food courts, weddings, family reunions, church celebrations and camping and fishing trips. We also are an ice supplier to hotels, restaurants, bars, markets and other establishments that sell cold drinks or chilled food.

"All my questions were answered very timely via email (and I had several questions). The delivery guy ... was so friendly and he put the ice where I wanted it. He even unbagged the ice for me. I got their cold-draft vintage ice, which are those large cubes served in fancy bars. It was great quality and really impressed my guests!"
Erin G.
bagged ice

Bagged Ice

Don't overpay for bagged ice from the supermarket that leaves your car a soggy mess. We deliver to homes and businesses, saving your time, money and effort!

bulk ice

Bulk Ice

We deliver bulk ice to restaurants, bars, markets and other food and drink retailers. Bulk ice is also available for delivery to special events to keep food and drinks cold.

block ice

Block Ice

We carry a large supply of block ice for use by businesses for design, construction work and other uses. We can also carve block ice into beautiful sculptures for special events.

Dry ice

Dry Ice

Dry ice keeps things colder longer, and is used by contractors, scientists, medical professionals and chemotherapy patients. It's also a fun addition to your Halloween party!

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Other products

Snow scene

Snow Scenes

Let us create a Winter Wonderland for your next special events. Our real snow will delight your guests and dazzle your social media followers. Perfect for private parties, corporate events, charity events and schools.


We also sell firewood! Perfect for family camping trips, fishing expeditions or even if you just want a roaring fireplace for the holidays.