Is The Ice Filtered?

Yes our ice comes filtered. We take pride in the purity of our ice, which is why it is lab tested two times a week.  Our ice is processed using a state of the art filtration system similar to bottled water.

What if I need multiple deliveries for a long lasting event?

We offer a refrigerated ice merchandiser or event trailer to accommodate large quantities of ice for your event or party. We will drop off a trailer with easy access and pick it up when the event is complete. Call for details.

What are the benefits of buying from an ice supplier?

We take pleasure in delivering the best ice products to our customers. What it comes down to is quality ice at a low price with excellence in service. Our customers return time-and-time again for this reason.

How long does it take for an emergency ice delivery?

From the moment we receive your call the order is processed and delivered usually within 90 minutes. We understand the priority of ice for your business and prompt service is our forte.